December, 2010

Christmas 2010

By Sam Trego on Dec 28th, 2010
Christmas 2010

After a full day of opening gifts and playing with new toys, a 4 year old just has to do some good old “time out” for a Christmas nap!

Meet The Parents: Steve Price and Burnz Fernandez

By Sam Trego on Dec 27th, 2010
Meet The Parents:  Steve Price and Burnz Fernandez

One of the most rewarding things about writing the Raising Alek column is hearing from our readers.  We long to hear from the gay parenting community out there so log on right now and tell us your story!  Go to and then click on “Community Blog”.  From there you can register and post your story, feedback or questions. Steve Price is the owner of Filter Coffee House in Hillcrest and North Park.  He is also a bartender at Rich’s night club.  You might wonder how somebody who owns two businesses and has another part time job would ever have […] read more

The Magic of Christmas

By Sam Trego on Dec 12th, 2010
The Magic of Christmas

I don’t know about you, but this year has been perhaps one of the busiest Holiday seasons I’ve ever remembered.  There are many reasons why we all get bogged down during the holidays.  All of the “regular” reasons for me however, were wiped out when I got a last minute booking to take our touring cirque style show to the Middle East to headline at the famed “Casino du Liban” in Beirut, Lebanon.  So this year, Alek and I will have the pleasure of enjoying one of the most non-traditional Christmas’s we ever have.  I look forward to sharing this […] read more

Good News for Modern Families

By Sam Trego on Dec 06th, 2010
Good News for Modern Families

So I have some exciting news!  The Raising Alek website is up (!  It’s growing with content daily, and now I’ve got all the latest article posted, so be sure to check in, and feel free to leave your comments, and possibly ideas for future articles. The modern family is changing in this country.  Gay or other, today’s family is not what it used to be.  Today’s American families come in all shapes and sizes. The cookie cutter mold of a man + wife + 2.5 kids is a thing of the past, as it becomes quickly apparent in the […] read more

Meet the Parent: Steven Alix

By Sam Trego on Dec 04th, 2010
Meet the Parent:  Steven Alix

For the last few weeks, the Raising Alek column has been focusing the different ways in which we as gay people become parents.  I have a friend with a pretty incredible story.  He is a living testimony to keeping the dream of becoming a parent alive, even when it seems more of a nightmare. My friend is Steven Alix.  He and his partner Jorge live in Denver with his daughter Lexi.  I had the pleasure of talking to him, asking him to share some of his story with our community: ST:  When was it that you first discovered that you […] read more